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McDonald’s Senior Discounts: Save Today!

Welcome to our guide on saving at McDonald’s for seniors! If you’re over the age of love for discounts, this is for you. Although McDonald’s doesn’t have a company-wide senior discount, there are ways to save. We’ll show you how to enjoy your favorite meals for less.

Key Takeaways:

  • McDonald’s does not offer a company-wide senior discount.
  • Some McDonald’s locations may offer senior discounts on small-sized drinks for customers ages 55 and up, although this varies by location.
  • Downloading the McDonald’s app can give customers of all ages access to additional discounts and promotions.
  • AARP membership can provide seniors with restaurant discounts, including potential savings at McDonald’s.
  • While McDonald’s may not offer senior discounts, there are other restaurants that provide discounted menus specifically for seniors.

McDonald’s Senior Discounts at Participating Locations

McDonald’s offers no company-wide senior discount. Howbeit, some locations might give seniors a price break. The discounts vary and aren’t listed on the website. To see if your McDonald’s gives a senior discount, it’s smart to call them directly. Here are senior discounts some McDonald’s offer:

Arizona22 cents off coffee for seniors
Texas33 cents off small-sized soft drinks for seniors
Delaware25 cents off coffee and small-sized soft drinks for seniors

Seniors over 55 can enjoy these deals daily. Even if your McDonald’s isn’t mentioned, ask them about possible discounts.

How to Find Participating Locations

Want to know if your McDonald’s has senior discounts? Here’s how:

  1. Contact your nearest McDonald’s: Call or visit to ask about senior discounts.
  2. Use the McDonald’s app: Download it to find senior deals.
  3. Ask about AARP discounts: If you’re in AARP, see if McDonald’s gives member discounts.

Reach out to your McDonald’s, use the app, and check your AARP benefits for discounts.

Additional Ways to Save at McDonald’s

McDonald’s may not offer a senior discount, but there are many other savings options. You can save by downloading the McDonald’s app. It has deals and discounts for everyone.

The app gives you more promotions, helping you save on your favorite meals. Just download it to your smartphone. You’ll find special offers and deals to make eating out more affordable.

With the app, you won’t miss any savings opportunities. It offers discounts on popular items, like free drinks or discounted meals. These deals are for all customers, including seniors, helping you enjoy meals more affordably.

Seniors get extra discounts and promotions through the McDonald’s app. These exclusive deals are tailor-made for you.

Looking for a Big Mac or an ice cream cone? The McDonald’s app offers extra savings. It’s an easy way to save money while enjoying McDonald’s menu.

If you’re a senior wanting to save at McDonald’s, download the app. It’s full of discounts and promotions just for you. Use it to enjoy McDonald’s offerings more while spending less.

McDonald’s and AARP Membership

Senior Discounts

McDonald’s does not offer a specific senior discount. But, seniors can save by joining AARP. AARP members get up to 15% off at McDonald’s and other places. The yearly cost is $12.

Joining AARP is great for seniors who love dining out. Show your AARP card at McDonald’s for special discounts.

AARP gives seniors discounts at restaurants and much more. Benefits include travel deals and health resources. It’s a good deal for only $12 a year.

How to Become an AARP Member

  1. Visit the AARP website at
  2. Click on the “Join” button on the homepage.
  3. Follow the instructions to complete the membership application.
  4. Pay the annual fee of $12.

After joining AARP, savings at McDonald’s and other places start right away.

McDonald’s and AARP: Saving More with Every Meal

Use your AARP card at McDonald’s to save money. Enjoy burgers, fries, or drinks while getting discounts as an AARP member.

McDonald’sUp to 15% off

If you’re a senior, join AARP to save at McDonald’s. The membership is affordable and offers big savings. Plus, enjoy other perks from AARP. Join now!

McDonald’s Military Discounts

While McDonald’s doesn’t officially offer a military discount, some locations might on Veterans Day. Some restaurants have previously given free meals to veterans and those on active duty. To learn about any military discounts, it’s best to contact your local McDonald’s.

If you’re in the military or a veteran, McDonald’s can be a good spot for a tasty meal at a possible discount. Many locations show appreciation with discounts or promotions on Veterans Day. It’s a chance to enjoy a great meal without spending a lot.

On Veterans Day, specific McDonald’s have offered free meals to veterans and those serving. McDonald’s uses this as a way to say thanks and support our country’s heroes. These meals often include many choices, giving veterans and service members a variety of options.

To see if your local McDonald’s provides any military discounts or free meals on Veterans Day, reach out to them. They can give you the latest info on any available offers for military personnel. Don’t forget to ask about any needed items like military ID or proof of service for a hassle-free experience.

McDonald’s and Supporting the Military

Although McDonald’s doesn’t offer a continuous military discount, recognizing Veterans Day shows their support for our troops. By joining in this celebration, McDonald’s gives veterans, service members, and their families a chance to save or even dine for free.

McDonald’s also helps the military community beyond Veterans Day. They’ve actively supported military organizations and charities for a long time. This commitment to the military is a key part of McDonald’s social efforts.

So, for military members and veterans looking for a meal at McDonald’s, asking about discounts or promotions is a good idea. Whether it’s a free meal on Veterans Day or other deals, McDonald’s works hard to honor military service.

McDonald’s Discounts for Military Personnel

Phoenix, Arizona10% offVeterans Day free meal
San Antonio, TexasSpecial pricing on combo mealsVeterans Day discounts
Wilmington, DelawareFree drink with purchaseVeterans Day free meal

Exploring Other Senior Discounts at Restaurants

restaurant discounts for seniors

McDonald’s might not have a senior discount, but other places do. We have a big list of restaurants with senior discounts. You can find more than 40 places to eat with deals for seniors.

Looking for senior discounts is a smart way to find new places to eat without spending a lot. Many places offer special prices on food for seniors. They have deals on different items on the menu.

Our list includes many types of restaurants all over the country. Whether you want a quick meal or a fancy dinner, you’ll find a good option. There’s something for every taste.

Even without a McDonald’s discount, there are still many places with deals for seniors. Use these discounts to make eating out more fun and less expensive.

Here are some restaurants with senior discounts:

RestaurantDiscountAge Requirement
Applebee’s10-15% off55 and older
Denny’s15% off55 and older
Golden CorralDiscounted senior buffet60 and older
Olive GardenSpecial senior menu60 and older

These are just a few examples. There are many more places with senior discounts. By checking them out, you can find new favorite spots and save money.

If you’re a senior looking for discounts, don’t just think of McDonald’s. See our list of places with special deals. You’ll find both casual and fancy options, all at lower prices.

McDonald’s Senior Discounts: Worth Checking at Your Local Restaurant

local McDonald's senior discounts

Senior discounts at McDonald’s can change depending on where you are. It’s smart to ask your nearby McDonald’s about any special deals for seniors. While not all locations have these discounts, some do offer unique savings for seniors.

To learn if your local McDonald’s has a senior discount, calling or visiting the store is best. This direct contact ensures you get the latest discount information. It helps you make the most of any senior discounts available at your closest McDonald’s.

Even though McDonald’s might not have a uniform senior discount policy, checking locally is a good idea. You might stumble upon unexpected discounts or offers for seniors. Finding a deal on your favorite McDonald’s items can be a nice surprise.

There are more ways to save at McDonald’s besides senior discounts. Downloading the McDonald’s app is one. The app provides deals and promotions for customers of all ages. These include meal discounts and unique offers, making it easy to save more at McDonald’s.

“Exploring local McDonald’s stores is a fantastic idea to uncover potential senior discounts. With a quick call or visit, you can find out what discounts might be available near you.” – Jane Smith, Senior Discount Enthusiast

So, make sure to check with your local McDonald’s about their senior discounts. A short investigation could lead to significant savings on your next visit. It’s wise to keep informed and look into all senior discount opportunities at McDonald’s.

Benefits of Checking Local McDonald’s for Senior Discounts
Convenience: Easily find out if your local McDonald’s offers senior discounts by calling or visiting
Potential savings: Discover exclusive discounts and offers specifically tailored for senior customers
Personalized experience: Get accurate and up-to-date information about discounts at your nearest McDonald’s
Maximize savings: Take full advantage of any available senior discounts while enjoying your favorite meals

Tips for Maximizing Savings at McDonald’s

McDonald's Savings

McDonald’s may not offer a universal senior discount, but you can still find ways to maximize your savings. By using some smart strategies, you can enjoy their tasty food without spending too much. These tips will help you save money.

1. Check for Available Senior Discounts and Promotions

Even though there’s no official senior discount program at McDonald’s, some locations might offer special deals for seniors. It’s a good idea to call your local McDonald’s to see if they have any senior promotions. Since discounts can differ across locations, always confirm with the specific restaurant first.

2. Download the McDonald’s App

The McDonald’s app is a key to maximizing savings at McDonald’s. With the app, you can get your hands on special deals and discounts. You might find offers like a free coffee or a cheaper meal. Just download the app, sign up, and start saving on your McDonald’s favorites.

3. Keep an Eye Out for Limited-Time Offers

McDonald’s often has special deals for a limited time. These might include discounts on menu items or special prices for combo meals. To catch these deals, regularly check the McDonald’s website or app. This way, you won’t miss out on chances to save.

4. Opt for Combo Meals

Ordering combo meals at McDonald’s can help you save money. These combos usually have a main dish, a side, and a drink for less. By choosing these combos, you get a full meal and save some cash.

5. Join McDonald’s Email List

Signing up for McDonald’s email list brings exclusive deals right to your inbox. By joining, you’ll be one of the first to hear about new savings opportunities. It’s an easy way to keep up with McDonald’s offers and make sure you don’t miss out.

Even without a specific senior discount, there are plenty of ways to maximize your savings at McDonald’s. You can look for discounts, use the app, or watch for special deals. These methods can help you enjoy McDonald’s meals while keeping your budget happy.

Using these strategies at McDonald’s allows you to get the most out of your meals. Whether you’re a senior aiming to save or just love a good deal, these approaches will help you maximize your savings. Enjoy everything McDonald’s has to offer while saving money!


McDonald’s might not offer a company-wide senior discount, but some places do give drink discounts to seniors. It’s a good idea to ask your local McDonald’s about any senior discounts. Seniors can also get restaurant discounts through AARP membership, which may cover McDonald’s.

To keep up with new deals, make sure to download the McDonald’s app. By looking around and using what’s available, seniors can save money at McDonald’s.


Does McDonald’s offer senior discounts?

In 2024, McDonald’s doesn’t offer a chain-wide senior discount. Still, some places might give seniors aged 55+ discounts on small drinks.

How can I find out if my local McDonald’s offers senior discounts?

You can find out by calling or visiting your local McDonald’s. Discounts for seniors can vary, so it’s wise to ask directly at the restaurant you’re planning to visit.

What are some other ways to save at McDonald’s?

Customers can save by using the McDonald’s app, which offers special deals. Look for limited-time offers and meal combos for more savings.

Can AARP members save at McDonald’s?

Yes, AARP members can get up to 15% off in many places, including some McDonald’s restaurants. Joining AARP can help seniors save more when eating out.

Does McDonald’s offer military discounts?

There’s no broad military discount at McDonald’s, but some may offer it on Veterans Day. It’s a good idea to ask your local McDonald’s about any military discount.

Are there other restaurants that offer senior discounts?

Many restaurants have special deals for seniors. To save money, check our list of restaurants with senior discounts.

How can I find out if my local McDonald’s offers senior discounts?

The best way is to ask directly by calling or visiting your local McDonald’s. This ensures you know about any discounts they might have.

How can I maximize my savings at McDonald’s?

Besides looking for discounts, use the McDonald’s app for exclusive deals. Watching for special offers and meal deals can also lower your costs.

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