does menards offer a senior discount

Senior Discount at Menards: Fact Checked Guide

Are you wondering if Menards offers a senior discount? We’ve conducted thorough research to bring you the facts regarding the senior discount policy at Menards. Read on to find out more about eligibility, age requirements, and program details.

Key Takeaways:

  • Menards does not currently offer a senior discount.
  • There is no specific age requirement or program dedicated to senior citizens.
  • Customers can utilize other savings opportunities, such as sales, rebates, and promotions.
  • Menards operates a rebate program, allowing customers to receive cash back on select items.
  • Familiarize yourself with the rebate process and eligibility requirements to maximize savings at Menards.

Payment Options at Menards

Menards Payment Options

When it comes to payment options, Menards offers a variety of convenient methods to suit every customer’s needs. Whether you prefer to pay with a credit card, debit card, or even cash, Menards has you covered. Here are the different forms of payment accepted at Menards:

  • Menards credit cards: Menards offers three types of credit cards – the BIG Card, Commercial Credit Card, and Contractor Credit Card. These cards provide exclusive benefits and can be used for purchases at Menards.
  • Major credit cards: Menards accepts major credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.
  • Debit cards: Customers can also use their debit cards to make payments at Menards.
  • Menards Gift Cards: If you have a Menards Gift Card, you can easily use it to pay for your purchases.
  • Merchandise credit checks: Menards also accepts merchandise credit checks as a form of payment.
  • Rebates: If you have a Menards rebate check, you can apply it towards your purchase.
  • Checks: Menards accepts checks as payment, excluding personal checks.
  • Cash: Cash payments are also accepted at Menards.
  • Travelers’ checks and money orders: Customers can use travelers’ checks and money orders to pay for their purchases as well.

It’s important to note that for online purchases made on MENARDS.COM, Menards does not accept payments in the form of personal checks, cash, money orders, Menards Gift Cards without a PIN number, Menards Merchandise Credit Checks, or Menards Rebates.

Menards Rebate Program

Menards Rebate Program

Menards offers a rebate program that allows customers to receive cash back on select items. This program is a great way to save money on your purchases at Menards. Here’s how the Menards rebate program works:

  1. Purchase eligible items: During specific rebate periods, customers need to purchase eligible items to qualify for the rebate. These eligible items are clearly marked in-store and online, making it easy to identify which products are eligible for cash back.
  2. Save your receipts: After making your purchase, it is essential to save your receipts. You will need these receipts when submitting your rebate form. Keep them in a safe place until you are ready to complete your rebate submission.
  3. Obtain a rebate form: To participate in the Menards rebate program, you will need to obtain a rebate form. You can find these forms at the customer service counter in-store or print them online from the Menards website.
  4. Complete the rebate form: Once you have the rebate form, carefully fill it out with the required information. Double-check that all the details are accurate to ensure a smooth rebate process.
  5. Mail the form and receipts: After completing the rebate form, you will need to mail it along with the original receipts to the designated address. It is important to follow the instructions provided on the rebate form to ensure timely and successful processing.
  6. Wait for your rebate check: After submitting your rebate form and receipts, you can expect to receive your rebate check in the form of Menards Merchandise Credit. This credit can be used for future in-store purchases at Menards. Typically, it takes about 6-8 weeks to receive your rebate check.
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Using Menards rebates is a straightforward process, but it does require some patience. Once you receive your rebate check, you can enjoy the savings on your next Menards shopping trip. Remember to read and understand the terms and conditions of the Menards rebate program to make the most of this money-saving opportunity.

Menards 11% Rebate Program

Menards 11% rebate program

Menards is known for its generous rebate programs, and one of the most popular offers is the Menards 11% rebate program. With this program, customers can enjoy substantial cash back on their purchases, making it a favorite among savvy shoppers.

Here’s how the Menards 11% rebate program works:

Purchase During Rebate Sale Period

To take advantage of the 11% rebate, customers need to make a purchase during the rebate sale period. These rebate sale periods typically occur almost every week, giving customers ample opportunity to save. During these sales, most items in the store are eligible for the rebate, allowing shoppers to enjoy cash back on a wide range of products.

Save Receipts and Submit Rebate Form

After making a purchase, it’s crucial to save the receipts. The rebate is valid only if customers submit the original receipts along with a completed rebate form. The rebate form can be obtained in-store or downloaded from the Menards website. Customers are encouraged to accurately fill out the rebate form, ensuring all necessary details are provided.

Mail-in Submission

Once the rebate form and receipts are ready, customers need to mail them to the designated Menards rebate address. It’s important to follow the instructions and meet the submission deadline to ensure eligibility for the rebate. After submitting the form, customers can expect to receive their rebate check within 6-8 weeks.

It’s essential to note that the Menards 11% rebate cannot be used in conjunction with coupons. Additionally, there are some exclusions to the rebate program. The following items are not eligible for the 11% rebate:

Event ticketsNot eligible for rebate
Gift cardsNo rebate offered
Merchandise returnsReturns are not eligible

Maximize your savings at Menards with the 11% rebate program. By following the simple steps outlined above, you can enjoy cash back on your purchases and take advantage of the wide range of eligible items. Keep in mind the exclusions and submit your rebate form in a timely manner to ensure a smooth process. Happy shopping and saving at Menards!

Using Menards Rebate Check

Menards rebate check

After receiving your Menards rebate check, you may be wondering how to put it to use. The good news is that these rebate checks serve as a convenient form of payment for future in-store purchases at Menards.

When you’re ready to make a purchase, simply present your Menards rebate check at the checkout counter, and it will be treated as a valid form of payment. This allows you to apply your rebate savings directly towards your new items, maximizing your budget.

It’s important to note that Menards rebate checks cannot be used for online purchases. They are specifically designed for in-store transactions. So, be sure to plan your shopping accordingly and head to your nearest Menards store to take advantage of your rebate savings.

One of the great benefits of Menards rebate checks is that they do not have an expiration date. Unlike many other forms of payment or discounts that may have time constraints, your rebate check will remain valid indefinitely. This means you can use it whenever you’re ready to make your next purchase at Menards, without the pressure of a looming expiration deadline.

For any additional information or specific details about the terms and conditions of your Menards rebate check, be sure to carefully read the instructions and guidelines provided with the check. These terms will outline any restrictions or limitations that may apply to the use of your rebate check.

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Using Menards Rebate Check:

  • Valid for in-store purchases only
  • Cannot be used for online purchases
  • Does not expire
  • Read the terms and conditions provided with the check for specific details

Menards Rebate Check Terms

Menards Rebate Check TermsDescription
In-store useValid for purchases made at Menards physical stores
Not for online useCannot be used for online orders placed on MENARDS.COM
No expirationYour Menards rebate check does not have an expiration date
Check instructionsRefer to the terms and conditions provided with the check for any specific details or restrictions

Tips for Menards Rebate Program

Maximizing Menards rebate savings requires careful planning and adherence to the rebate processing steps. Follow these tips to make the most of your Menards rebate experience:

  1. Keep track of rebate sale dates: Stay informed about upcoming rebate sale periods to ensure you make your purchases at the right time.
  2. Purchase eligible items: Only items designated for rebates are eligible for cash back. Pay attention to promotional materials and rebate forms to identify qualifying purchases.
  3. Save and organize your receipts: Keep all original receipts from your Menards purchases. If your rebate requires a specific rebate receipt, make sure to include it as well.
  4. Fill out the rebate form accurately: Take your time to complete the rebate form, ensuring all information is legible and correct. Mistakes or omissions may delay or invalidate your rebate.
  5. Mail the rebate form and original receipts promptly: Send your rebate form and receipts within the specified timeframe to meet the Menards rebate deadlines. Consider using a tracked mailing service for added security.
  6. Consider using the Menards BIG credit card: If you frequently shop at Menards, the Menards BIG credit card can help you earn an additional 2% rebate on your purchases.
  7. Keep a record of your rebate submission: Take photos of your receipts and keep a record of what you mail in. This will serve as a reference in case of any issues with your rebate.
  8. Submit your rebate form even if you miss the deadline: If you miss the rebate submission deadline, it’s still worth trying to submit your rebate form. Menards may still honor it, although there are no guarantees.

By following these Menards rebate tips, you can maximize your savings and make the most of the Menards rebate program.

Menards Rebate Ineligibility

While the Menards rebate program offers great savings, it’s essential to be aware of items that are not eligible for the rebate. The following purchases do not qualify for the Menards rebate:

  • Items purchased with coupons
  • Event tickets
  • Gift cards
  • Merchandise returns
  • Propane
  • Minute Key purchases
  • Delivery and handling charges
  • Rental items
  • Processing fees
  • Packaging charges
  • Extended service agreements

This list outlines the main exclusions for the Menards rebate program. If you plan on participating in the rebate program, make sure to avoid purchasing these items to maximize your savings. Remember to carefully review the rebate terms and conditions for any additional restrictions or requirements.

Menards Animal Policy

At Menards, we prioritize the safety and comfort of all our customers. To ensure compliance with relevant regulations and maintain a safe shopping environment, we have implemented the following animal policy:

  • Trained Service Animals: We welcome trained service animals inside our stores. These animals assist individuals with disabilities and are allowed in all areas where customers are typically permitted.
  • Prohibition of Other Animals: In accordance with FDA regulations, all other animals are prohibited from entering Menards stores. This includes pets, emotional support animals, and therapy animals.
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This policy is in place to support individuals with disabilities who require the assistance of trained service animals. By prohibiting other animals, we aim to prevent any potential disturbances or safety concerns that may arise from interactions between animals or allergies of other customers.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in adhering to our animal policy. We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a safe and enjoyable shopping experience for all customers at Menards.


After a thorough examination of the available information, it can be concluded that Menards does not currently offer a senior discount. While the company does not have a specific senior discount program or age requirement, customers can still save money through various other means. Menards frequently runs sales, promotions, and rebates that allow shoppers to enjoy discounts on select items. The 11% rebate program is particularly noteworthy, as it provides customers with the opportunity to receive cash back on their purchases.

To make the most of these discount opportunities, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the rebate process and the eligibility requirements. By participating in these programs, customers can maximize their savings at Menards and find great deals on a wide range of products.

Although Menards does not offer a senior discount, the company’s commitment to providing quality products at competitive prices remains strong. With their extensive range of home improvement and building supplies, customers of all ages can find the items they need to complete their projects and save money in the process.


Does Menards offer a senior discount?

No, Menards does not currently offer a senior discount.

What are the payment options at Menards?

Menards accepts Menards credit cards, major credit cards, debit cards, Menards Gift Cards, merchandise credit checks, rebates, checks, cash, travelers’ checks, and money orders.

How does the Menards rebate program work?

To participate in the Menards rebate program, customers need to purchase eligible items during a specific rebate period, save their receipts, and mail in a rebate form along with the original receipts. The rebate check is typically issued in the form of Menards Merchandise Credit and can be used for future in-store purchases.

What is the Menards 11% rebate program?

The Menards 11% rebate program allows customers to receive 11% cash back on their purchases. Customers need to make a purchase during the rebate sale period, save their receipts, and submit a rebate form along with the receipts by mail. The rebate check is then mailed to customers within 6-8 weeks.

Can I use Menards rebate checks for online purchases?

No, Menards rebate checks cannot be used for online purchases. They can only be used as a form of payment for future in-store purchases.

What are some tips for the Menards rebate program?

Some tips for the Menards rebate program include keeping track of rebate sale dates, saving and organizing receipts, filling out the rebate form accurately, mailing the rebate form and original receipts on time, and considering using the Menards BIG credit card to earn additional rebates.

What purchases are not eligible for the Menards rebate?

Purchases made with coupons, event tickets, gift cards, merchandise returns, propane, Minute Key purchases, delivery and handling charges, rental items, processing fees, packaging charges, and extended service agreements are not eligible for the Menards rebate.

Can I bring animals into Menards stores?

Menards only allows trained service animals inside their stores. All other animals are prohibited due to FDA regulations.

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