KFC senior bucket meal deals

Save on KFC Senior Bucket Meal Deals Now!

Hey there, senior citizens! Love KFC’s tasty chicken and looking for good deals? Good news! KFC has some amazing senior bucket meal deals, senior discounts, and senior specials. These offers are kind to both your taste buds and your pocket.

Looking for a meal just for you or enough for the whole family? KFC’s got your back. Enjoy the Taste of KFC menu from only $4.99 or grab the $10 Tuesdays deal. There’s plenty for everyone.

The Taste of KFC Deals Menu: Delicious Meals at Affordable Prices

The Taste of KFC Deals menu gives seniors great meal choices at low prices. They can pick from four tasty options. This means they can enjoy KFC’s unique flavors without spending a lot.

Meal for One – $4.99

At just $4.99, the Meal for One is a great deal for seniors. It comes with two hot, juicy chicken pieces (a drum and a thigh). The meal also includes creamy mashed potatoes & gravy and a buttery biscuit.

Meal for Two – $9.99

The Meal for Two, costing only $9.99, is perfect for seniors wanting to share. It has four pieces of tasty chicken (a drum, a thigh, a breast, and a wing). Mashed potatoes & gravy, along with two biscuits, make this meal complete.

Family Meal – $20

The $20 Family Meal is great for larger gatherings or seniors wanting more. It comes with six chicken pieces, making sure there’s enough for all. The meal also has four sides and four biscuits, offering a variety of flavors.

These deals make it easy for seniors to enjoy a good meal at KFC. Whether they’re eating alone, with someone, or with family, there’s a choice for every occasion.

Meal OptionsPriceInclusions
Meal for One$4.992 pieces of chicken (drum and thigh), mashed potatoes & gravy, extra buttery biscuit
Meal for Two$9.994 pieces of chicken (drum, thigh, breast, wing), mashed potatoes & gravy, 2 biscuits
Family Meal$206 pieces of chicken (on the bone), 4 individual sides, 4 biscuits

$10 Tuesdays: A Special Deal for Senior Customers

senior citizen meal offers KFC

KFC now offers a great deal called “$10 Tuesdays” for seniors. This deal lets them buy eight pieces of chicken for only $10. It’s a wonderful way for seniors to enjoy KFC chicken at a lower price.

Eating out can be expensive for seniors on a fixed income. The $10 Tuesdays deal helps a lot. It lets seniors enjoy a tasty meal without spending a lot. This offer is a big plus for them.

KFC’s $10 Tuesdays show they care about their senior customers. It makes meals affordable for them. This kind gesture helps build loyalty and a good name among seniors.

To get the $10 Tuesdays deal, seniors just go to KFC on a Tuesday. They can then buy the special bucket at a lower price. Getting this deal is simple and makes eating out fun for them.

What Customers Are Saying

“I love the $10 Tuesdays deal at KFC! As a senior on a tight budget, it’s wonderful to have a special discount just for us. The chicken is always hot and delicious, and the deal is too good to pass up!” – Mary, KFC customer

“KFC really knows how to take care of its senior customers! The $10 Tuesdays offer is such a great deal – I can enjoy a bucket of chicken with my friends without worrying about the cost. Thank you, KFC!” – John, KFC customer

The $10 Tuesdays deal is perfect for seniors wanting to enjoy KFC’s chicken at a discount. This offer shows KFC’s commitment to affordable meals for seniors. Don’t forget to visit on a Tuesday to enjoy this special deal!

Additional Offers and Rewards for KFC Senior Customers

KFC offers more than just meal deals to its senior customers. They provide extra offers and promotions as a thank you. By joining the KFC Rewards loyalty program, seniors unlock many savings and freebies. This makes eating at KFC even more fun.

By being in the KFC Rewards program, seniors build up points with digital orders. They can use these points for discounts and free items, like Saucy Nuggets or Apple Pie Poppers.

The KFC Rewards program aims to give the most value and joy to senior customers. It’s KFC’s way of showing gratitude for years of loyalty and support. So, don’t skip the chance to enjoy these special offers and make every KFC visit better.

“With the KFC Rewards program, senior customers can earn rewards on digital orders and unlock free KFC treats like Saucy Nuggets and Apple Pie Poppers. It’s our way of showing appreciation for their continued patronage!” – KFC spokesperson

Don’t Miss Out on These Special Rewards:

  • Earn points on every purchase to unlock discounts and freebies
  • Exclusive deals and promotions tailored for senior customers
  • Enjoy mouthwatering KFC treats like Saucy Nuggets and Apple Pie Poppers for free

Joining the KFC Rewards program is easy. Just sign up on the KFC website or through their app. Once you’re in, you start getting rewards with each order. This makes your KFC visits more rewarding.

So, don’t delay! Sign up for the KFC Rewards program now. Enjoy the extra perks and rewards KFC has for its senior customers.

How to Save at KFC with Coupons and Discounts

KFC senior menu options

To save money at KFC, it’s smart to use coupons and discounts. Seniors can enjoy tasty KFC meals at lower prices. Here’s how to cut costs:

1. Slickdeals Coupon Codes

Get discount codes from sites like Slickdeals. You can use these codes when you check out. This lets you save on your meal.

2. In-Store Deals

Ask your local KFC about special in-store promotions. They might have discounts for seniors. These deals can make your meal cheaper.

3. KFC Email Program

Join the KFC email list for special coupons and codes. These savings include deals for seniors. Subscribe to keep up with the latest offers.

Using these tips, seniors can enjoy KFC’s menu without spending a lot. Don’t miss out on these ways to save. Have a tasty, budget-friendly meal at KFC.

Slickdeals Coupon CodesReceive discounts on KFC purchases with coupon codes.
In-Store DealsCheck for exclusive promotions at your local KFC.
KFC Email ProgramSign up to receive exclusive coupons and promo codes.

Ordering Options for KFC Senior Customers

KFC values convenience for our senior customers very much. That’s why we have many ways to order, making dining pleasant and easy. You can either pick up your meal or get it delivered right to your door.

Our KFC app helps you avoid waiting. Just download it, look through the menu, and pick your preferred meals. After choosing, pick a time for pick-up. You can then quickly get your food from our Quick Pick-Up shelf.

If you like having food delivered, we work with reliable delivery services. You can order from home and choose what you like from our menu. Remember, delivery may cost extra based on where you live and the delivery service. Just relax, and wait for your KFC meal to arrive.

Choosing any ordering method, we ensure seniors get to their favorite KFC dishes easily. With our ordering methods, enjoy a variety of meals at good prices. Plus, you get the great taste and quality KFC is known for.

The Benefits of Ordering Options for Seniors

Ordering from KFC offers several advantages for seniors. First, the KFC app makes pick-up quick and without wait times. It’s ideal for those wanting an effortless dining experience.

Second, our delivery partnerships mean seniors can have meals brought straight to them. This avoids going out or cooking, making mealtime simpler.

Last, we offer flexible options to fit your preferences. You can pick up your meal or have it delivered, whatever works best. This way, seniors can enjoy our meals their way.

Ordering OptionAdvantages
KFC App Pick-Up
  • Order ahead of time
  • Schedule pick-up time
  • Skip the line with Quick Pick-Up
  • Convenient and hassle-free
  • Enjoy KFC meals from the comfort of home
  • Partnered with trusted delivery services

We’re dedicated to making sure seniors can get our tasty and budget-friendly meals easily. We value our customers dearly and aim to provide a top-notch experience. From ordering to enjoying our famous chicken, we want it to be delightful.

The History and Quality of KFC’s Original Recipe

KFC Senior Bucket Meal Deals

The Original Recipe of KFC has been around for over 70 years. It’s famous for its unique mix of 11 herbs & spices. This special blend was created by Colonel Harland Sanders.

The flavor of the Original Recipe is always a hit. Each chicken piece is carefully hand-breaded. This ensures a crispy, flavorful crust. Then, KFC’s cooks make sure the chicken is juicy and tender.

It’s no surprise that the Original Recipe is loved by many. KFC’s commitment to quality shows in every chicken piece. This makes it a favorite among seniors and chicken lovers.

“We take great pride in our Original Recipe. It’s a delicious combination of flavors that has stood the test of time,” says a representative from KFC. “We use the same recipe that Colonel Sanders himself created all those years ago, and we never compromise on its quality. It’s our way of ensuring that every visit to KFC is a truly satisfying experience.”

Whether you choose the senior bucket meal deals or other menu items, the Original Recipe chicken promises great taste and quality.

Discovering the Colonel’s Recipe

The history of the Original Recipe is as interesting as its taste. Colonel Harland Sanders, the founder of KFC, put a lot of effort into perfecting his secret recipe.

As per history.com, the recipe was born in Sanders’ small café in Corbin, Kentucky. He served his tasty chicken to travelers. This led to the opening of the first KFC in 1952.

KFC is dedicated to serving the Original Recipe chicken just as the Colonel intended. This shows how timeless and loved the dish is.

KFC’s Original RecipeDescription
TasteA perfect blend of 11 herbs & spices that create a unique and irresistible flavor.
QualityHand-breaded chicken, cooked fresh by expert cooks, ensuring delicious and tender meat.
HistoryA recipe that dates back over 70 years, created by Colonel Harland Sanders himself.
LegacyA lasting tribute to the passion and dedication of Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC.

KFC Merchandise for Chicken Lovers

KFC Merchandise

Senior chicken lovers aren’t just about enjoying delicious meals. They can flaunt their KFC passion with merchandise too. The KFC Shop boasts a fabulous array of shirts, hats, and fun items. These let seniors showcase their KFC love proudly.

Are you a fan of the Colonel’s secret recipe or just love KFC’s chicken? The KFC Shop has something for you. Wear a KFC logo shirt or hat next time you go out. Show the world you’re a proud KFC fan!

KFC Shop Selection

The KFC Shop has merch for all styles and tastes. Here’s what you can find:

KFC Logo T-ShirtExpress your KFC love with a classic logo t-shirt. It’s made of soft, comfy fabric, perfect for daily wear.
Bucket HatStay cool under the sun with a stylish KFC bucket hat. It sports the famous KFC logo, a chic accessory for chicken fans.
Chicken SocksBrighten your outfit with chicken-themed socks. These fun, comfy socks are adorned with KFC’s trademark fried chicken, guaranteed to make you smile.

These items are just a glimpse of what’s available at the KFC Shop. Looking to spoil yourself or searching for a perfect gift for a KFC fan? Check out the KFC Shop.

Getting in Touch with KFC Customer Service

If seniors have questions or concerns, they can easily contact KFC’s customer service. KFC makes sure to offer outstanding service to everyone, including seniors. They’re ready to help with questions about discounts or promotions for seniors.

To reach out, seniors should visit the Contact Us page on KFC’s website. They can message their questions or concerns directly there. The customer service team will quickly help and provide the needed assistance.

Seniors can also call the KFC customer service number found on the site. This way, they can talk directly to a representative. They can ask about discounts for seniors and get the latest on senior promotions at KFC.

KFC places high value on making customers happy. Their team works hard to ensure seniors get the help they need. KFC is committed to giving excellent service to everyone, including senior citizens. They help with menu questions, promotion concerns, or any support needed.


KFC’s senior bucket deals are both cheap and tasty. With the Taste of KFC menu and $10 Tuesdays, seniors get discounts on their favorite meals. They can save even more with coupons and special ordering options.

KFC focuses on great food and service. This means seniors always have a good time when they eat there.


Are there any meal deals specifically for seniors at KFC?

Yes, KFC offers a range of meal deals for seniors at affordable prices.

What is included in the Taste of KFC Deals menu?

The Taste of KFC Deals menu offers four hearty and quality meal options for seniors.

What is the Tuesdays deal?

Tuesdays is a special deal just for seniors. They can get eight pieces of chicken for only .

Does KFC offer additional rewards and promotions for senior customers?

Yes, seniors can get rewards and free KFC by joining the KFC Rewards loyalty program.

How can seniors save on their KFC orders?

Seniors can save by using coupons and discounts at KFC.

What are the ordering options for senior customers at KFC?

Senior customers can order ahead with the KFC app and use the Quick Pick-Up shelf. Or they can have it delivered through KFC’s partners.

What is the history and quality of KFC’s Original Recipe?

KFC’s Original Recipe has been around for over 70 years. It is made with 11 herbs & spices and cooked fresh.

Is there KFC merchandise available for purchase?

Yes, seniors can buy KFC merchandise from the KFC Shop.

How can customers get in touch with KFC customer service?

Customers can message or call through the Contact Us page on the KFC website.

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