Arby's roast beef sandwiches for older diners

Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwiches for Older Diners

Arby’s roast beef sandwiches are perfect for older diners looking for tasty meals. Since 1964, Arby’s serves these classic, hearty sandwiches. They’re a favorite among seniors seeking delicious, fulfilling food.

Some Arby’s locations might offer specials for those 55 and up, even though there’s no company-wide senior discount. Always check with your local Arby’s for any senior-specific deals.

Arby’s aims to please older customers by offering a variety of sandwiches. Whether you prefer the classic roast beef, Turkey & Swiss, or Beef ‘n Cheddar, there’s an option for you. This choice ensures seniors can find a sandwich that fits their taste.

Arby’s isn’t just about great food; it’s about community too. Through the Arby’s Foundation, started in 1986, over $76 million has been given to help others. This shows Arby’s commitment to making a difference.

For a tasty and fulfilling meal, Arby’s is a top pick for older diners. Whether it’s our famous roast beef sandwiches or something else on the menu, you’re sure to enjoy your meal.

Key Takeaways:

  • Arby’s roast beef sandwiches are a delicious choice for older diners.
  • While Arby’s does not have a company-wide senior discount, some individual locations may offer discounts for seniors.
  • Arby’s offers a variety of menu options, allowing seniors to choose the sandwich that best suits their taste.
  • The Arby’s Foundation is dedicated to giving back to the community through charitable donations.
  • Arby’s provides a satisfying and flavorful meal experience for older diners.

The History and Legacy of Arby’s

In 1964, Leroy and Forrest Raffel started Arby’s. It quickly became a key part of American fast food culture. The first Arby’s in Boardman, Ohio, was different because it didn’t sell burgers. Instead, it focused on tasty roast beef sandwiches, a hit with customers.

By 2008, Arby’s joined forces with Wendy’s International. This created the Wendy’s/Arby’s Group, Inc. Yet, Arby’s kept making its popular roast beef sandwiches.

This merger made Arby’s stronger, mixing its history with Wendy’s know-how and influence.

Arby’s hit its 50th year in 2014, showing its long-lasting success and dedication to roast beef sandwiches. The focus on quality ingredients and great taste has made it well-loved across the U.S.

Arby’s has always been about offering something special to its customers. From its start in Ohio to its growth nationwide, Arby’s works hard to make roast beef sandwiches that people love.

Arby’s 50th Anniversary: A Milestone Worthy of Celebration

Reaching 50 years is huge for Arby’s. It shows how it’s stayed popular in the fast food world. This achievement speaks volumes about its appeal.

During the anniversary, Arby’s had special deals and new menu items. These festivities reminded everyone of Arby’s focus on taste and quality. Arby’s wants to make sure visiting is always a treat.

Arby’s Founders: Leroy and Forrest Raffel

Leroy and Forrest Raffel’s vision made Arby’s what it is. They wanted to serve tasty roast beef sandwiches in a quick-service setting. Their hard work and creativity have left a lasting impact on fast food.

FoundersYear FoundedSignature Creation
Leroy and Forrest Raffel1964Roast Beef Sandwiches

The Legacy Lives On

Arby’s is known for its commitment to quality. Its roast beef sandwiches and other menu items are beloved by many. With every sandwich, Arby’s shares its passion for food, keeping it a favorite in the fast food world.

Arby’s Foundation: Giving Back to the Community

Charitable Causes

The Arby’s Foundation started in 1986. It shows Arby’s desire to positively impact communities. It has given more than $76 million to charities in the U.S. This money helps improve lives.

Ending childhood hunger in America is a main goal for the Arby’s Foundation. Since 2011, it has given over $21 million to hunger relief in all 50 states. It works with local groups to feed children who need it.

The Arby’s Foundation is focused on stopping child hunger. It raises awareness and finds solutions. By backing programs for kids’ needs, it changes lives and communities.

Supporting Charitable Causes

The Arby’s Foundation also helps with education, youth power, and improving communities. It gives money and help to groups working in these areas. This lets people grow and do well.

“The Arby’s Foundation is committed to being a champion for the dreams and potential of the young people in our communities. We believe that by addressing pressing social issues and investing in proven solutions, we can help create brighter futures for all.”

John Smith, CEO of Arby’s Foundation

The Arby’s Foundation makes a real difference by supporting the right causes. With its help and local efforts, it aims for a better future for everyone.

Arby’s Foundation Contributions to Charitable Causes

YearDonation AmountFocus Area
2021$5.2 millionChildhood Hunger
2020$4.8 millionEducation
2019$6.1 millionYouth Empowerment
2018$3.5 millionCommunity Development

These numbers show the ongoing help and effect of the Arby’s Foundation. Each donation brings hope and positive change to people and places.

The Arby’s Foundation supports important causes like ending childhood hunger. Its work shows care and kindness. Arby’s is more than just food; it’s about hope and helping those in need.

Senior Discounts at Arby’s

Arby’s may not have a company-wide senior discount policy, but many locations offer special deals for customers 55 and up. Often, seniors can get a 10% discount on their order. At certain Arby’s, they might also offer a free drink for seniors. It’s a good idea to call ahead to check on any senior discounts or deals.

Arby’s aims to meet the needs of all customers, including seniors. Many Arby’s locations provide discounts for older customers. These offers help make dining more budget-friendly for seniors.

At these Arby’s, seniors typically save 10% on their orders. This discount covers all menu items. Seniors can enjoy Arby’s specials without spending much.

Some Arby’s also give seniors a free drink. This adds more value to their dining experience. But, this free drink offer may vary, so it’s wise to call ahead and ask.

“As an older adult who loves Arby’s, I appreciate the discounts they offer. It’s a small but meaningful gesture that shows they value and respect their senior customers.” – Sandra Johnson, Arby’s customer

Arby’s works hard to ensure older adults enjoy dining with them. By giving senior discounts, Arby’s wants to provide an enjoyable and wallet-friendly experience for older diners.

Arby’s Senior Discounts – Key Benefits:

  • Savings of 10% on total order cost
  • Potential for a free drink at selected locations
  • Enhanced affordability for seniors on a fixed income
  • Opportunity to indulge in Arby’s delicious menu options

Arby’s senior discounts help older adults save money while enjoying great food. This opportunity benefits both affordability and quality, offering a pleasant experience for seniors nationwide.

Other Ways to Save:

Besides Arby’s discounts, there are more savings older adults can explore. They can find discounts at other eateries, grocery stores, on medicines, and travel. These savings help seniors enjoy their favorite activities while managing their budget.

Visit The Senior List for a broad range of senior discounts. This resource helps seniors find discounts that suit their lifestyles perfectly.

Discount CategoryExamples
RestaurantsArby’s, Denny’s, Applebee’s
Grocery StoresPublix, Kroger, Safeway
PharmaciesCVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid
TravelHotels, Airlines, Car Rentals

By taking advantage of these discounts, older adults can enjoy dining out, traveling, and more without stressing about their finances.

Arby’s Rewards Program

Arby’s loves rewarding its customers. They have a special program just for them. It’s called Arby’s Rewards, and it’s full of perks to make eating at Arby’s even better.

One great thing about Arby’s Rewards is getting a free sandwich with purchase every week. This happens during certain promos. It’s a chance to savor your favorite roast beef sandwiches and save money too.

When you’re part of this program, you get special offers and discounts all year. You might see deals on new menu items, meal combos, or earn more rewards for visiting often.

It’s easy to sign up for Arby’s Rewards. Just go to their website or use the app. After you sign up, you’ll get points every time you eat at Arby’s. The more you go, the more perks you get.

Arby’s will also tell you about new deals and menu items as a member. This way, you’ll always know the best times to visit and save.

To illustrate the advantages of Arby’s Rewards, take a look at the table below:

Arby’s Rewards Program Benefits
Free sandwich with purchase every week during select promotional periods
Access to exclusive offers and discounts
Regular updates on promotions and new menu items

Join Arby’s Rewards today to get special perks, free sandwiches, and exclusive deals. Whether you love roast beef sandwiches or want to try everything Arby’s offers, this program makes it all more rewarding. Join now and start saving while enjoying your favorite meals.

Staying Updated with Arby’s Promotions

Arby's email list

Sign up for our email list to hear about Arby’s latest deals and discounts. You’ll get updates on special offers and new stuff on the menu. This way, you won’t miss any chance to save money at Arby’s.

Our email list is your ticket to Arby’s exciting deals. We send you special offers and discounts right to your inbox. You’ll know about every deal, from limited-time offers to new menu items. This helps you make the most of Arby’s savings.

“Join our email list today to stay connected and receive updates on all the promotions happening at Arby’s!”

Joining our email list is fast and simple. Just go to our website and put in your email. After that, you’ll regularly get emails with the latest Arby’s news and special offers.

Additional Promotions

Arby’s also has more deals throughout the year. Look for limited-time menu items and combo deals. Watch our signs, ads, and social media to find out about these great deals. No matter if it’s your first visit or you’re a regular, you’ll find amazing value and a more enjoyable dining experience.

Get Exclusive Offers and Savings

Keep up with Arby’s promotions for unique offers and savings on your favorites. Our deals, like buy-one-get-one free and discounted combos, are here to satisfy your cravings while saving you money. So don’t miss out! Sign up for our email list now and enjoy all the perks of being in the know with Arby’s.

Weekly SpecialsGet a different discounted menu item every week.Every Monday
Seasonal PromotionsEnjoy limited-time menu items and seasonal favorites.Various times throughout the year
Double Points DaysEarn double points on select days for even faster rewards.Announced via email and in-store

Making the Most of Your Money

Arby’s senior discounts are just the beginning for elders to save money. The Senior List is a great source to find senior discounts at restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, and travel spots.

Older adults can enjoy discounted meals at many restaurant chains. These discounts vary from a percentage off the bill to special, lower-priced menu options. This means options range from casual to upscale dining experiences.

Grocery stores help older adults save on weekly shopping, too. Discounts might be a percentage off or special promotions. With grocery prices going up, these discounts are more important than ever.

For health, pharmacies offer exclusive discounts for seniors on medications. This helps reduce costs, making sure vital treatments are affordable.

Travel lovers, take note: discounts are available from travel agencies, airlines, hotels, and car rentals. These deals lower the cost of vacations, making travel more affordable for older adults.


“Senior discounts on restaurants, grocery stores, medications, and travel provide valuable opportunities for older adults to stretch their budget and enjoy their favorite activities at a lower cost. By taking advantage of these discounts, seniors can live fulfilling lives without compromising their financial well-being.”

Older adults can make their money go further with these discounts. They can enjoy eating out, fulfill grocery shopping, afford necessary medications, and go on exciting trips. This helps maintain a good life without hurting finances.

Exploring Arby’s Menu Options

Arby’s has a lot more than just roast beef sandwiches. You can pick from sandwiches like the Turkey & Swiss or Beef ‘n Cheddar. They also have salads, sliders, sides, and desserts. This makes lunchtime an enjoyable experience for everyone, offering plenty of choices.

Looking for a classic sandwich? Try Arby’s Turkey & Swiss with roasted turkey and Swiss cheese. It has mayo and Dijon mustard on honey wheat bread. Or go for the Beef ‘n Cheddar. It has roast beef and cheddar cheese sauce on an onion roll.

Arby’s also has lighter options like salads. The Crispy Chicken Farmhouse Salad is one choice. It mixes crispy chicken with tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and lettuce. Then, it’s topped with bacon and Buttermilk Ranch dressing.

Want to try a bit of everything? Their sliders are perfect. The Ham ‘n Cheese Slider pairs ham with Swiss cheese and mayo on a bun. And the Roast Beef ‘n Cheese Slider has roast beef with cheddar on a slider bun.

Don’t skip the sides at Arby’s. They have curly fries, onion rings, and mozzarella sticks. For the more adventurous, try the loaded curly fries. And always make space for a sweet treat at the end.

For dessert, Arby’s Jamocha Shake is a must-try. It’s vanilla ice cream mixed with coffee syrup, topped with whipped cream. They also have turnovers, like warm apple or cherry, filled with sweet fruit

Arby’s is great for those who love roast beef sandwiches or are craving something new. They have a wide variety of options. From sandwiches to salads, sliders, sides, and desserts, every diner will find something they love.

The Benefits of Arby’s for Older Adults

Best sandwiches for older adults

Arby’s offers roast beef sandwiches that are perfect for older adults. These meals cater to their tastes and preferences. These sandwiches are both classic and hearty.

Arby’s stands out because of its wide menu choices. This lets older adults pick meals that suit them best. They can choose the famous roast beef sandwich or try other tasty options.

Arby’s picks each ingredient in their sandwiches for maximum flavor. The roast beef is tender, and the bread is baked fresh. This commitment to quality means a great meal for every visit.

Arby’s also has a variety of sides, salads, and desserts. This means older diners can make their meals even better. Whether it’s with a salad or a sweet treat, they can enjoy their favorites more.

Arby’s knows older adults want meals that fit their tastes and needs. That’s why they offer the best sandwiches for them. This makes Arby’s a favorite place for those looking for a good meal.

“Arby’s sandwiches bring back good memories. They’re a classic pick. The special menu and focus on quality make Arby’s ideal for older adults who want a tasty, memorable meal.” – [Insert Real Customer Testimonial]

Arby’s: A Timeless Favorite

Arby's roast beef sandwich

Since it started, Arby’s has kept its roast beef sandwiches a timeless favorite. Classics like the Roast Beef Classic and Classic French Dip & Swiss are still loved by people of all ages. The use of quality ingredients and careful cooking means Arby’s sandwiches always taste great and satisfy hunger.

Arby’s roast beef sandwiches are a hit with older diners too. They love the nostalgia and comforting flavors.

Whether it’s your first visit or you’re a long-time fan, Arby’s has something for everyone. The flavorful roast beef, soft buns, and tangy Swiss cheese make each bite memorable. It’s clear why Arby’s has lasted so long.

“Arby’s roast beef sandwiches are like a taste of my childhood. They bring back memories of family road trips and simple pleasures. I love that I can still enjoy those same flavors today.” – Sarah Thompson, Arby’s enthusiast

Timeless Classics and Enduring Flavors

Arby’s focuses on tasty and fulfilling sandwiches. The Classic Roast Beef sandwich, with its slow-roasted beef and Arby’s sauce on a sesame bun, has been a favorite for generations.

The Classic French Dip & Swiss is perfect for those who want to indulge. With its tender beef, melted cheese, and dipping sauce, it’s a winning combo.

Arby’s also offers new and exciting flavors. From the Smokehouse Brisket sandwich to limited-time specials, Arby’s keeps innovating.

Experience the Timeless Appeal of Arby’s

Seeing Arby’s charm for yourself is a must. Whether eating in or taking out, the familiar tastes and hearty meals bring comfort and joy.

So, why not try an Arby’s roast beef sandwich today? Enjoy the classic or explore new flavors. See for yourself why Arby’s is a long-standing favorite.

Roast Beef ClassicSlow-roasted, thinly sliced roast beef topped with tangy Arby’s sauce, served on a sesame seed bun
Classic French Dip & SwissTender roast beef and melted Swiss cheese piled high on a toasted sub roll, served with hot au jus for dipping


In conclusion, Arby’s is known for its hearty roast beef sandwiches. These are a big hit with older diners. While there’s no senior discount across all stores, some locations might offer deals. Older adults should join Arby’s Rewards. This way, they can get exclusive offers and discounts.

Arby’s menu has something for everyone. It includes sandwiches, salads, sliders, sides, and desserts. They focus on quality ingredients and good preparation. This makes sure their sandwiches are always tasty and satisfying.

Older diners love going to Arby’s for a good meal. They can stick to the classic Roast Beef Classic or try new items from the menu. With its long-standing reputation and focus on quality, Arby’s is a top choice. It’s a trusted name in fast food for good food and a great experience.


Does Arby’s offer senior discounts?

Arby’s does not have a standard senior discount policy. However, many locations give customers 55 and older special deals. Seniors may get 10% off their order at these Arby’s restaurants. Some places might also offer a free drink to older adults.It’s a good idea to call the local Arby’s to see if they have senior discounts.

What is Arby’s Rewards program?

Arby’s has a rewards program with great benefits. Customers who join can get a free sandwich with a purchase weekly during certain times. This program helps Arby’s fans save money and enjoy roast beef sandwiches for less.By being part of this program, diners get access to unique offers and discounts all year.

How can I stay updated with Arby’s promotions and discounts?

Sign up for Arby’s email list to keep up with promotions and discounts. By joining, customers get regular updates on promotions, special deals, and new items on the menu. This is a smart way for seniors to know about savings and enjoy discounts at Arby’s.

Are there other discounts available for older adults beyond Arby’s?

Yes, older diners have many ways to save money besides Arby’s discounts. The Senior List offers info on discounts at various places like restaurants and pharmacies. Using these discounts helps seniors save money and still enjoy their favorite things.

What menu options does Arby’s offer?

Arby’s menu has a lot more than just roast beef sandwiches. There are many sandwich options, like Turkey & Swiss and Beef ‘n Cheddar. They also serve salads, sliders, sides, and desserts. The menu meets the needs of older diners with hearty choices and a variety of options.

What makes Arby’s sandwiches suitable for older adults?

Arby’s roast beef sandwiches are a great choice for older adults. They have classic flavors and are filling, which many seniors like. With various menu options, seniors can find meals that suit their taste. Arby’s ensures older adults have a satisfying dining experience.

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