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Welcome to AMAC Pharmacy, your trusted partner in prescription and health care. We are dedicated to providing personalized services and quality products to meet all your pharmacy needs. Whether you are looking for a local pharmacy near you or an online pharmacy with convenient medication delivery, AMAC Pharmacy has got you covered.

At AMAC Pharmacy, we understand the importance of accessible and reliable pharmacy services. That’s why we offer a wide range of services, including prescription services, medication delivery, and compounding pharmacy options. Our experienced team of healthcare professionals is ready to assist you with personalized guidance and expert advice.

With a focus on your well-being, we strive to make your pharmacy experience seamless and convenient. Our commitment to exceptional customer service ensures that you receive the care and attention you deserve. Trust AMAC Pharmacy to provide you with the highest quality pharmacy products and comprehensive healthcare services.

Experience the AMAC Pharmacy difference and let us be your trusted partner in healthcare. Explore our website or visit us in person to discover the personalized service and exceptional care we offer.

Key Takeaways:

  • AMAC Pharmacy offers trusted prescription and health care services.
  • We provide personalized guidance and expert advice for Medicare beneficiaries.
  • Our pharmacy services include prescription filling, medication delivery, and compounding options.
  • AMAC Pharmacy prioritizes exceptional customer service and high-quality pharmacy products.
  • Experience the convenience and care of AMAC Pharmacy for all your healthcare needs.

Medicare Advisory Service for Personalized Guidance

Personalized Medicare Guidance

The Medicare Advisory Service provided by AMAC Pharmacy is designed to offer personalized guidance for individuals seeking the right Medicare plan to meet their specific needs. With access to multiple insurance companies, our team of licensed professionals provides individualized advice and support to ensure that you make an informed decision.

Choosing the right Medicare plan can be overwhelming, but our advisory service simplifies the process by providing personalized recommendations and expert assistance. We understand that everyone’s healthcare needs are unique, and we are committed to helping you navigate the complexities of Medicare.

“The personalized guidance provided by AMAC Pharmacy enabled me to choose the Medicare plan that perfectly suits my healthcare needs. Their licensed professionals guided me through the entire process, making it easy and stress-free.” – Sarah Johnson, AMAC Pharmacy customer.

Our team is dedicated to helping you find a Medicare plan that provides the coverage you require, while also considering factors such as budget and preferred doctors or hospitals. We take the time to understand your specific situation and provide you with options that align with your needs.

Why Choose Our Medicare Advisory Service?

  • Personalized guidance from licensed professionals
  • Access to multiple insurance companies
  • Expert advice tailored to your specific needs
  • Assistance in navigating the complexities of Medicare
  • Recommendations that consider your budget and healthcare preferences

At AMAC Pharmacy, we believe that personalized guidance is crucial when it comes to choosing a Medicare plan. Our Medicare Advisory Service aims to empower individuals like you with the information and support needed to make confident decisions about your healthcare coverage.

With our Medicare Advisory Service, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have professionals by your side who are dedicated to helping you find the right Medicare plan. Contact AMAC Pharmacy today for personalized guidance that will make your Medicare journey a smooth and informed one.

Medicare Advantage and Supplement Plans

Medicare Advantage and Supplement Plans

When it comes to navigating the Medicare system, AMAC Pharmacy is here to provide information and assistance with Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans. These plans play a crucial role in helping individuals enhance their Medicare coverage and better manage healthcare costs.

Medicare Advantage plans, also known as Part C, offer a comprehensive solution by combining hospital and medical coverage under one plan. They may also include prescription drug coverage (Part D), providing individuals with a convenient all-in-one option. These plans are offered by private insurance companies approved by Medicare and provide additional benefits beyond Original Medicare.

Medicare Supplement plans, also known as Medigap plans, work alongside Original Medicare to help cover out-of-pocket costs such as deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments. They offer individuals the freedom to choose any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare, without network restrictions. These plans can offer peace of mind by filling the gaps in coverage left by Original Medicare.

AMAC Pharmacy provides detailed information on different plan options, coverage levels, and prices for Medicare Advantage and Supplement plans. Our goal is to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their healthcare coverage, helping them find the plan that best suits their needs and budget.

Medicare Advantage and Supplement Plans: A Comparison

Understanding the differences between Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans can help individuals determine which option aligns with their healthcare needs and preferences.

Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C)Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap)
Offered by private insurance companies approved by MedicareOffered by private insurance companies approved by Medicare
Combine hospital and medical coverage under one planWork alongside Original Medicare to help cover out-of-pocket costs
May include prescription drug coverage (Part D)Do not include prescription drug coverage
Can have specific provider networksCan choose any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare, without network restrictions

Understanding the benefits and limitations of both Medicare Advantage and Supplement plans is crucial when making decisions about healthcare coverage. Whether individuals prioritize comprehensive coverage, prescription drug benefits, or flexibility in choosing doctors and hospitals, AMAC Pharmacy can guide them through the process.

AMAC Pharmacy’s knowledgeable professionals are here to provide personalized guidance and answer any questions regarding Medicare Advantage and Supplement plans. We understand the importance of finding the right plan to meet healthcare needs and budget requirements.

Medicare Coverage and Costs

Medicare Coverage and Costs

When it comes to Medicare coverage, understanding the different parts and associated costs is essential. Medicare consists of Part A, which covers hospital insurance (inpatient care), and Part B, which covers medical insurance (outpatient care). However, it’s important to note that neither Part A nor Part B covers all medical costs. Beneficiaries are responsible for deductibles, co-payments, co-insurance, and potentially excess charges for services rendered by non-participating Medicare providers.

To better understand the costs involved, let’s break them down:

1. Deductibles

Deductibles are the amount beneficiaries need to pay out of pocket before Medicare coverage begins. The deductibles for Part A and Part B may vary each year. It’s important to keep track of the deductible amounts to plan and budget accordingly.

2. Co-payments and Co-insurance

Co-payments and co-insurance are the portions of the medical costs that beneficiaries must pay. Co-payments are fixed amounts paid for specific services, while co-insurance is a percentage of the cost shared by the beneficiary and Medicare. These costs can quickly add up, especially for individuals requiring frequent medical care.

3. Excess Charges

Excess charges may apply when receiving services from non-participating Medicare providers. These charges are above the Medicare-approved amount for a particular service. It’s important to consider this potential additional cost when seeking medical care.

AMAC Pharmacy strongly emphasizes the importance of considering additional coverage options, such as Medicare Supplement plans, to help manage out-of-pocket costs and protect against high medical expenses. These plans, also known as Medigap plans, can help fill the gaps in Medicare coverage.

Cost ComponentExplanation
DeductiblesThe amount beneficiaries need to pay out of pocket before Medicare coverage begins.
Co-paymentsFixed amounts paid by beneficiaries for specific medical services.
Co-insuranceA percentage of the cost shared by the beneficiary and Medicare.
Excess ChargesAdditional fees for services rendered by non-participating Medicare providers.

Enrolling in Medicare

Enrolling in Medicare is an essential step for individuals approaching the age of 65 or who are eligible due to disability or chronic illness. To begin the enrollment process, contact Medicare or the Railroad Retirement Board three months before your 65th birthday or as soon as you meet the eligibility criteria. It’s crucial to enroll in both Part A and Part B of Original Medicare before considering additional coverage options like Medicare Supplement Plans or Medicare Advantage Plans.

AMAC Pharmacy understands the importance of a smooth enrollment experience and offers guidance throughout the process. Our team is ready to provide assistance with the application and answer any common questions you may have along the way.

Benefits of Enrolling in Medicare through AMAC Pharmacy

When you choose AMAC Pharmacy for your Medicare enrollment, you gain access to:

  • Knowledgeable professionals who are well-versed in Medicare rules and regulations
  • Personalized support tailored to your unique healthcare needs
  • Assistance with navigating the enrollment application
  • Guidance on selecting the most suitable Medicare plan for you, be it Original Medicare, a Medicare Supplement Plan, or a Medicare Advantage Plan

Count on AMAC Pharmacy to make your Medicare enrollment process hassle-free and ensure you have the coverage that best fits your healthcare requirements.

Medicare OptionsPlan Details
Original Medicare (Part A and Part B)Provides coverage for hospital stays (Part A) and medical services (Part B)
Medicare Supplement PlansWork alongside Original Medicare to help cover out-of-pocket costs, like deductibles and coinsurance
Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C)Combine hospital and medical coverage in a single plan, often including prescription drug coverage (Part D)

At AMAC Pharmacy, our goal is to simplify the Medicare enrollment process and help you make informed decisions about your healthcare coverage. Trust us to guide you through the enrollment journey, ensuring you have the comprehensive coverage you need.

Pharmacy Services Administrative Organizations (PSAOs)


Pharmacy Services Administrative Organizations (PSAOs) play a crucial role in supporting independent pharmacies and facilitating their interactions with pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). These organizations evaluate and execute contracts, reconcile payments for accuracy, and provide operational and transactional support for independent pharmacies.

AMAC Pharmacy recognizes the importance of PSAOs in helping independent pharmacies navigate the complexities of contracting with PBMs and offers resources and support to assist with these processes.

Benefits of PSAOs for Independent Pharmacies

PSAOs provide essential administrative services that allow independent pharmacies to focus on delivering quality patient care. Here are some benefits of utilizing PSAOs:

  • Contract Evaluation: PSAOs help independent pharmacies in evaluating and negotiating contracts with pharmacy benefit managers to ensure fair and beneficial terms.
  • Payment Reconciliation: PSAOs assist in reconciling payments, ensuring accurate and timely reimbursement for the services provided by independent pharmacies.
  • Operational Support: PSAOs offer operational support, including training programs, compliance guidance, and access to technology solutions that streamline pharmacy operations.
  • Transactional Assistance: PSAOs simplify the administrative burden by assisting with claims processing, prescription adjudication, and managing reimbursement discrepancies.

AMAC Pharmacy understands the challenges that independent pharmacies face and acknowledges the value that PSAOs bring to the pharmacy ecosystem. By partnering with PSAOs, AMAC Pharmacy empowers independent pharmacies with the resources and expertise needed to thrive in a competitive healthcare landscape.

“PSAOs play a pivotal role in supporting independent pharmacies. Through contract evaluation, payment reconciliation, and administrative support, PSAOs ease the operational burden and enable pharmacies to provide optimal patient care.” – AMAC Pharmacy

With their commitment to the success of independent pharmacies, AMAC Pharmacy works closely with PSAOs to advocate for fair contracting practices and drive positive change within the industry.

Benefits of PSAOs for Independent PharmaciesPotential Challenges
1. Contract Evaluation1. Competition from chain pharmacies
2. Payment Reconciliation2. Increasing regulatory requirements
3. Operational Support3. Limited access to specialty medications
4. Transactional Assistance4. Managing inventory and supply chain

The Role of LTC Pharmacy

LTC Pharmacy

AMAC Pharmacy recognizes the unique pharmaceutical needs of long-term care facilities. Nursing homes, assisted-living communities, and retirement communities require specialized care when it comes to medication management. LTC pharmacies, like AMAC Pharmacy, specialize in providing medications and healthcare services tailored to the specific needs of seniors in these facilities.

At AMAC Pharmacy, we understand the importance of ensuring that senior living communities have access to necessary medications. Our LTC pharmacy services include comprehensive medication management, prescription fulfillment, and delivery services. We prioritize the well-being and health of seniors, ensuring that their pharmaceutical needs are met.

One of the key aspects of LTC pharmacy is the specialized packaging provided for long-term care facilities. Our packaging solutions are designed to enhance medication adherence, simplify administration, and reduce the risk of medication errors. These customized packaging options make it easier for healthcare professionals at long-term care facilities to manage medications for their residents.

Additionally, AMAC Pharmacy offers convenient home delivery services for residents of long-term care facilities. This ensures that medications are delivered directly to their doorstep, eliminating the need for residents or their caregivers to visit a pharmacy. Our reliable and efficient delivery services help streamline the medication management process, providing added convenience and peace of mind for seniors and their caregivers.

AMAC Pharmacy is committed to serving the pharmaceutical needs of long-term care facilities and senior living communities. Our dedicated team of pharmacists and healthcare professionals work closely with healthcare providers to ensure the safe and effective use of medications, enhancing the overall well-being of seniors in these communities.

Choosing a reliable LTC pharmacy like AMAC Pharmacy is essential for meeting the pharmaceutical needs of seniors in long-term care facilities. We prioritize personalized care, convenience, and medication safety to provide the highest quality of services. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, AMAC Pharmacy is your trusted partner for LTC pharmacy services.

Benefits of Sleep and Healthy Lifestyle Tips

AMAC Pharmacy understands the significant impact that quality sleep and a healthy lifestyle can have on overall well-being. Getting enough sleep is essential for maintaining optimal energy levels, improving alertness, and supporting various health benefits. Here are some tips and recommendations from AMAC Pharmacy to help you prioritize sleep and lead a healthy lifestyle:

Establish Consistent Sleep Patterns

Creating a consistent sleep schedule helps regulate your body’s internal clock, making it easier to fall asleep and wake up refreshed. Aim for the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep for adults and adjust the timing to fit your individual needs.

Create a Sleep-Friendly Environment

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary for relaxation and quality sleep. Make sure your sleep environment is dark, quiet, and cool. Consider using blackout curtains, earplugs, or a white noise machine to minimize disturbances that can disrupt your sleep.

Avoid Electronic Devices Before Bed

The blue light emitted by electronic devices, such as smartphones and tablets, can interfere with your sleep-wake cycle. To promote better sleep, establish a “digital detox” routine by avoiding screens at least an hour before bedtime.

Practice Stress Management Techniques

Stress can significantly impact the quality of your sleep. Incorporate stress management techniques into your daily routine, such as deep breathing exercises, meditation, or gentle yoga, to promote relaxation and improve sleep.

Health Benefits of Quality Sleep
Enhanced cognitive function and memory
Increased immune system function
Better mood regulation and mental health
Reduced risk of chronic diseases (e.g., heart disease, diabetes)
Improved weight management and metabolism

“Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” – Thomas Dekker

By prioritizing quality sleep and establishing healthy habits, you can optimize your overall well-being and enjoy the numerous health benefits that come with it. Remember, AMAC Pharmacy is here to support your health journey every step of the way.

Building Positive Relationships and Culture

At AMAC Pharmacy, we believe in the power of positive relationships and a strong company culture. Our values of caring, trustworthiness, innovation, genuineness, and drive shape every aspect of our organization.

We prioritize nurturing relationships with our team members and partners, fostering a supportive and collaborative work environment. By fostering open communication and mutual respect, we create a space where everyone can thrive and contribute their unique talents.

Our positive company culture extends beyond our internal team. We strive to build strong relationships with our clients, ensuring that they feel seen, heard, and cared for throughout their healthcare journey. Trust is at the core of these relationships, as we are dedicated to providing dependable and reliable service in every interaction.

With a focus on innovation, we constantly seek new and improved ways to serve our clients and meet their needs. We embrace change and stay at the forefront of the industry, leveraging technology and forward-thinking strategies to drive continuous improvement.

Our commitment to being genuine and authentic shines through in every interaction. We genuinely care about the well-being of our team members and clients, and we strive to create a caring and compassionate environment where everyone feels valued and supported.

We are a driven organization, always motivated to achieve excellence in everything we do. Our team members are passionate about their work and dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of our clients. We believe that this dedication and determination are fundamental to our success.

By building positive relationships and cultivating a strong company culture, we create an environment where our team can thrive, our clients feel cared for, and we can continue to be a trusted partner in healthcare.

Client Testimonial

“AMAC Pharmacy goes above and beyond to make us feel like family. Their genuine care and dedication to our well-being are truly remarkable. It’s refreshing to work with a team that values relationships and fosters a positive culture.”

– Jane Smith, AMAC Pharmacy Customer

Benefits of a Positive Company Culture

Employee EngagementA positive company culture boosts employee engagement and satisfaction, leading to higher productivity and lower turnover rates.
Customer LoyaltyBuilding positive relationships with clients fosters loyalty and trust, resulting in long-term customer partnerships and referrals.
Innovation and CreativityA supportive culture encourages team members to think outside the box, share ideas, and collaborate, driving innovation and creativity.
Attracting Top TalentA positive company culture is attractive to top talent, helping to attract and retain skilled professionals who align with your values.
Health and Well-beingA positive work environment promotes the physical and mental well-being of employees, resulting in reduced stress and improved work-life balance.


AMAC Pharmacy is a trusted pharmacy that goes beyond just providing prescription services. With a commitment to personalized service and exceptional care, they are dedicated to meeting the healthcare needs of their clients. Whether you are looking for Medicare guidance or general pharmacy services, you can rely on AMAC Pharmacy to be your trusted partner in healthcare.

At AMAC Pharmacy, you can expect a wide range of healthcare products to meet your needs. From prescription medications to over-the-counter products, they have you covered. Their knowledgeable team is always ready to assist you in finding the right products and providing expert advice.

With their emphasis on building positive relationships, AMAC Pharmacy strives to create a welcoming and caring environment. Their team of professionals is committed to delivering personalized service and ensuring that every client feels valued and supported. Trust, innovation, and genuine care are at the core of AMAC Pharmacy’s culture, making them a pharmacy you can rely on.

Whether you need assistance with Medicare plans or simply want a trusted pharmacy for all your healthcare needs, AMAC Pharmacy is here to serve you. Discover the personalized service, extensive product range, and unwavering commitment to your well-being at AMAC Pharmacy today.


What services does AMAC Pharmacy offer?

AMAC Pharmacy offers prescription services, medication delivery, and a wide range of pharmacy products.

What is the Medicare Advisory Service provided by AMAC Pharmacy?

The Medicare Advisory Service offers personalized guidance from licensed professionals to individuals searching for a Medicare plan that meets their needs.

What are Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans?

Medicare Advantage plans combine hospital and medical coverage under one plan, while Medicare Supplement plans work with Original Medicare to help pay out-of-pocket costs.

What does Medicare coverage consist of?

Medicare coverage consists of Part A, which covers hospital insurance, and Part B, which covers medical insurance.

How can I enroll in Medicare?

You can contact Medicare or the Railroad Retirement Board three months before your 65th birthday or sooner if eligible due to disability or chronic illness.

What is the role of Pharmacy Services Administrative Organizations (PSAOs)?

PSAOs support independent pharmacies by facilitating their interactions with pharmacy benefit managers, evaluating and executing contracts, and providing operational and transactional support.

What is the role of LTC Pharmacy?

LTC pharmacies specialize in providing medications and healthcare services to residents of long-term care facilities such as nursing homes and assisted-living communities.

What are the benefits of sleep and healthy lifestyle tips?

Quality sleep improves energy levels, alertness, and overall health. AMAC Pharmacy offers tips and recommendations for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and creating a sleep-friendly environment.

What is the importance of building positive relationships and culture?

AMAC Pharmacy values positive relationships and cultivates a company culture based on caring, trustworthiness, innovation, genuineness, and drive to promote the well-being of employees and clients.

What services does AMAC Pharmacy provide?

AMAC Pharmacy offers prescription refills, healthcare products, personalized service, Medicare guidance, prescription services, and medication delivery.

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