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AARP Discounts for Seniors – Save Big Now

Are you a senior looking for ways to save money? Look no further than AARP! As a member of AARP, you have access to exclusive discounts and benefits that can help you save on various expenses. Whether you’re planning a vacation, going out to eat, or in need of insurance, AARP has got you covered. Let’s explore the range of discounts and benefits available through AARP membership.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joining AARP offers seniors access to a wide range of discounts and benefits
  • AARP provides discounts on travel, dining, entertainment, car rentals, and more
  • Members can enjoy savings at restaurants, hotels, resorts, and on guided tours
  • Insurance and health and wellness discounts are also available through AARP membership
  • Take advantage of AARP discounts to save money and enhance your quality of life

Restaurant Discounts

AARP restaurant discounts

AARP members can enjoy exclusive discounts at various restaurants, making dining out even more enjoyable. Take advantage of these AARP restaurant discounts and savor delicious meals without breaking the bank.

Featured Discounts

Here are just a few examples of the fantastic restaurant discounts available to AARP members:

  • Carrabba’s Italian Grill: Get 10% off dine-in service or curbside carry-out orders. Indulge in authentic Italian cuisine while enjoying significant savings.
  • Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.: Enjoy a delectable seafood feast with 10% off your bill. Delight your taste buds with their famous shrimp dishes and take advantage of this tempting discount.

These are just a sample of the restaurant discounts available through AARP membership. With a wide range of participating restaurants, there’s something to satisfy every craving. Whether you’re in the mood for Italian, seafood, or any other delectable cuisine, these discounts make dining out even more rewarding.

Carrabba’s Italian Grill10% off dine-in service or curbside carry-out orders
Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.10% off

Entertainment Discounts

AARP entertainment discounts

AARP members can enjoy fantastic discounts on a variety of entertainment options. From streaming services to live events, there are plenty of opportunities to save money while enjoying your favorite activities. Check out some of the featured entertainment discounts available exclusively to AARP members: Subscription

Looking to delve into your family history and discover your roots? AARP members can enjoy a 30% discount on a one-year subscription to Uncover fascinating details about your ancestors and create a virtual family tree with this incredible genealogy service.

Select Shows and Events through Ticketmaster

Whether you’re a fan of concerts, theater shows, or sporting events, AARP has you covered. Members can access savings on select shows and events through Ticketmaster. Catch your favorite artists or cheer for your team while enjoying exclusive discounts on ticket prices.

Experience the joy of entertainment while enjoying significant savings. Take advantage of AARP’s entertainment discounts and make the most of your membership today.

Entertainment OptionDiscount Subscription30% off
Select Shows and Events through TicketmasterSavings available


Cruise Discounts

AARP cruise discounts

AARP offers exclusive deals on cruises, providing seniors with the opportunity to embark on unforgettable journeys at discounted rates. Whether you’re dreaming of exploring exotic destinations or relaxing on luxurious ocean liners, AARP has you covered. Take advantage of these AARP cruise discounts and set sail on your next adventure.

Collette Cruise

Discover the world with Collette Cruise, a trusted travel company specializing in guided tours, river cruises, and ocean cruises. As an AARP member, you can enjoy exclusive discounts on select Collette Cruise tours. Immerse yourself in captivating cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and remarkable sights, all while saving money.

Holland America Line

Set off on a remarkable journey with Holland America Line, a renowned cruise line offering exceptional experiences on the high seas. AARP members can take advantage of up to $200 onboard credit on eligible Holland America Line cruises. Enhance your voyage with indulgent spa treatments, delectable dining options, and thrilling onboard activities.

These are just a few examples of the AARP cruise discounts available to seniors. By leveraging your AARP membership, you can create lasting memories while saving on your cruise vacation.

Explore the world and enjoy the beauty of the open seas with these incredible AARP cruise discounts. Book your dream cruise today and embark on a voyage filled with relaxation, adventure, and unforgettable experiences.

Rail and Tour Discounts

AARP rail and tour discounts

As an AARP member, you can take advantage of exclusive discounts on rail travel and guided tours. Whether you’re exploring iconic destinations or embarking on a scenic journey, these discounts can help you save money while creating unforgettable travel experiences.

Rail Vacations and Tours with Vacations by Rail

With Vacations by Rail, you can enjoy a 5% discount on worldwide rail vacations and tours. Whether you’re dreaming of a cross-country train adventure in the United States or exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Europe, Vacations by Rail offers a wide range of options to suit your interests and preferences.

From the comfort of your train cabin, you’ll witness stunning vistas, travel through charming towns, and immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of each destination. With the AARP rail discount, you can make your dream rail vacation a reality.

Guided Tours with Collette

Collette is a trusted name in guided tours, offering immersive experiences to destinations around the world. As an AARP member, you can enjoy $50 to $100 off per person on guided tours with Collette.

Whether you’re exploring landmarks in Europe, going on safari in Africa, or discovering the wonders of South America, Collette’s expertly crafted itineraries ensure you get the most out of your journey. With the AARP tour discount, you can embark on a guided adventure with peace of mind and extra savings.

Take a look at the table below for a summary of the rail and tour discounts available through AARP membership:

Vacations by Rail5% off worldwide rail vacations and tours
Collette$50 to $100 off per person on guided tours

Car Rental Discounts

AARP car rental discounts

If you’re an AARP member, you can take advantage of exclusive car rental discounts from various brands. Whether you’re planning a road trip or need a vehicle for daily transportation, there are savings to be had. Some of the featured discounts include:

  • Up to 30% off base rates at Avis
  • Up to 30% off base rates at Budget Rent-A-Car
  • 5% off car rentals with Payless

These discounts can add up to significant savings, making your travel experiences more affordable and enjoyable. Whether you’re exploring a new city or visiting family and friends, renting a car has never been more budget-friendly.

As an AARP member, you can access these exclusive car rental discounts and benefit from the convenience and flexibility of having your own transportation. Don’t miss out on the savings!

Hotel and Resort Discounts

AARP hotel and resort discounts

Planning a trip? AARP has got you covered with exclusive hotel and resort discounts. Take advantage of these incredible savings to make your vacation even more enjoyable.

One of the featured discounts is up to 10% off the best available rate at Hilton Hotels & Resorts. Whether you’re seeking a luxurious city getaway or a relaxing beachside retreat, Hilton Hotels & Resorts offers a wide range of options to suit your preferences. With this AARP discount, you can stay in style and save money at the same time.

Looking for even more options? Extra Holidays provides AARP members with a 20% discount at more than 500 resorts. From coastal escapes to mountain getaways, you can find the perfect destination and enjoy substantial savings on your accommodations. With Extra Holidays, you can make lasting memories without breaking the bank.

With these AARP hotel and resort discounts, you can elevate your travel experience while keeping your budget intact. Don’t miss out on these special offers that are exclusive to AARP members.

Hilton Hotels & ResortsUp to 10% off best available rate
Extra Holidays20% off at more than 500 resorts

Take advantage of these AARP hotel and resort discounts and start planning your next unforgettable getaway today.

Retail Discounts

AARP retail discounts

AARP members can access discounts on a variety of retail purchases. Take advantage of these exclusive offers and save money while shopping for your favorite brands and products. Here are some featured discounts:

Chocolates and Sweets by FTD

Get a sweet deal with 25% off chocolates and sweets by FTD. Indulge in delicious treats and surprise your loved ones with delightful gifts.

Tommy Hilfiger

Enjoy a stylish discount of 15% off your purchases at Tommy Hilfiger. Shop for trendy clothing, accessories, and more from this iconic fashion brand.

The Dessy Group

Elevate your wardrobe with 20% off sitewide orders of $100 or more at The Dessy Group. Find the perfect outfit for any occasion, from formal events to casual gatherings.

Chocolates and Sweets by FTD25% off
Tommy Hilfiger15% off
The Dessy Group20% off orders $100+

With these retail discounts, you can enjoy great savings while treating yourself or finding the perfect gifts for your family and friends. Remember to present your AARP membership card or provide your membership details when making purchases to avail these special offers.

Health and Wellness Discounts

AARP understands the importance of prioritizing health and wellness for seniors. That’s why we offer exclusive discounts on a wide range of health and wellness services. With AARP membership, you can enjoy savings on vision care, hearing health, and nutrition products.

Vision Care Savings

Keeping your eyes healthy and your vision sharp is essential. AARP members can take advantage of discounts on eye exams and eyewear at Target Optical. Whether you need new glasses or contact lenses, our vision care discounts make it more affordable to maintain clear and comfortable vision.

Deals and Discounts at EyeMed

EyeMed is a leading vision benefits company that partners with AARP to offer exclusive savings to our members. With EyeMed, you can access deals and discounts on eye care services, including comprehensive eye exams, prescription eyewear, and contact lenses. Take care of your vision and enjoy great savings with AARP and EyeMed.

Hearing Health Benefits

Good hearing is crucial for staying connected and engaged. AARP provides discounts and benefits on hearing health through our partnership with hearing aid providers. With these discounts, you can save on hearing aids, hearing exams, and other hearing health services.

Nutrition Products Discounts

A healthy diet plays a vital role in maintaining overall wellness. AARP members can access special discounts on nutrition products that support a balanced and nutritious lifestyle. From vitamins and supplements to healthy snacks and beverages, our discounts make it easier to prioritize your nutritional needs.

Health and Wellness DiscountSavings
Vision care at Target OpticalDiscounts on eye exams and eyewear
Eye care services with EyeMedDeals and discounts on eye care
Hearing health benefitsSavings on hearing aids and services
Nutrition products discountsSpecial savings on nutritional products

Insurance Discounts

AARP membership offers more than just discounts on dining and travel. Members can also enjoy exclusive insurance discounts to help protect themselves and their assets. Take advantage of these valuable insurance offers to save on essential coverage.

1. Roadside Protection with Allstate Roadside

Ensure peace of mind on the road with AARP’s roadside protection plan offered by Allstate Roadside. For just $5.50 per month, members gain access to a range of services, including emergency towing, battery jump-starts, lockout assistance, and more. Whether you’re on a local drive or a cross-country journey, Allstate Roadside has you covered.

2. Vision Plans with MyVision Care

Protect your vision and save on eye care expenses with AARP’s vision plans through MyVision Care. Starting at just $4.38 per month, members can access comprehensive vision coverage, including discounted eye exams, glasses, and contact lenses. Take care of your eye health and enjoy clear vision without breaking the bank.

To learn more about these insurance discounts and explore other AARP benefits, visit the official AARP website.



AARP membership provides seniors with access to a wide range of discounts and benefits in various categories. Whether you’re looking for savings on dining out, travel, or insurance, AARP has you covered. These exclusive discounts are designed to help seniors save money and enhance their overall quality of life.

By taking advantage of AARP’s restaurant discounts, you can enjoy delicious meals while keeping your budget in check. With savings on popular dining establishments like Carrabba’s Italian Grill and Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., you can savor delectable dishes at a fraction of the cost.

Planning a vacation? AARP’s travel deals offer incredible discounts on cruises, rail trips, and hotel stays. Whether you’re dreaming of an idyllic cruise getaway or a scenic rail adventure, AARP membership grants you access to exclusive savings, making your travel dreams more affordable.

Furthermore, AARP’s insurance discounts provide peace of mind by offering members a range of coverage options at discounted rates. From roadside protection with Allstate to vision plans with MyVision Care, AARP ensures that your insurance needs are met without breaking the bank.


What kind of discounts does AARP offer for seniors?

AARP offers exclusive discounts on various categories, including travel, dining, entertainment, hotels, car rentals, retail, health and wellness, and insurance.

Are there any discounts available for restaurants?

Yes, AARP members can enjoy discounts at select restaurants, such as Carrabba’s Italian Grill and Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Are there any entertainment discounts offered through AARP?

AARP members can access discounts on entertainment options, including discounted subscriptions to and savings on select shows and events through Ticketmaster.

Can seniors enjoy discounts on cruises?

Yes, AARP offers exclusive discounts on cruises, including savings on select tours with Collette Cruise and onboard credit on eligible cruises with Holland America Line.

What discounts are available for rail travel and guided tours?

AARP members can enjoy discounts on guided tours with Collette and worldwide rail vacations and tours with Vacations by Rail.

Are there any discounts on car rentals?

Yes, AARP members can save on car rentals from brands like Avis, Budget Rent-A-Car, and Payless.

Can seniors get discounts on hotel and resort bookings?

AARP offers discounts at various hotels and resorts across the country, including Hilton Hotels & Resorts and Extra Holidays.

Are there any retail discounts available through AARP?

AARP members can access discounts on retail purchases, including discounts on chocolates and sweets by FTD, Tommy Hilfiger, and The Dessy Group.

Are there any health and wellness discounts for AARP members?

Yes, AARP offers discounts on vision care, hearing health, and nutrition products, including savings at Target Optical and EyeMed.

Can seniors find insurance discounts through AARP?

Yes, AARP membership provides access to insurance discounts, such as roadside protection with Allstate Roadside and vision plans with MyVision Care.

What discounts and benefits does AARP offer overall?

AARP offers a range of discounts and benefits for seniors, including savings on various categories like travel, dining, entertainment, hotels, car rentals, retail, health and wellness, and insurance.

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